Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Hi guys. Happy to meet you all again with a new article. Samsung announced today that their touch screen models have sold over 10 million units around the world in 2008.According to strategy analytics, Last year 37 million of touch screen handsets have been sold around the world comprising of all models where Samsung holds 10 million in that. This shows that they maintain a nice percentage around the globe in Touch screen handsets.
Don’t forget that yesterday only LG announced that heir Viewty reaching the 5 million sales mark and now Samsung replied without taking any time in the market.
In the 10 million of Samsung mobiles sold, 1.12 million devices were grabbed in South Korea, while Europe got over 4 million mobile handsets. As far as USA is concerned they took 2.2 million and China with least number in the list taking just over 0.9 million.
When we look about the technology in 2008 it is said to be one of the best years and we will hope that 2009 will also create a magic in the technical world since we saw that touch screen mobile handsets have been sold like sweet cakes in a bakery. Thanks for your time guys.

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