Sunday, 4 January 2009


Hi guys. Its me back again with an interesting article. We are using mobile each and every second of our life. But we did not know the basic things about the mobile. If someone got struck with his/her mobile then they will go to mobile shop and spend huge sum of money for repairing the mobile. But it will be a minor problem so that we can rectify it. For every mobile their company will have specific secret codes so that to solve many problems. I got information about Motorola mobiles recently and sharing with you all here. Those who are using Motorola mobile phones can copy this detail for their benefit. If you have any doubt buzz me here. Thanks for your time guys.We will see about the secret codes for Motorola mobiles.

*7----> To lock and unlock the keys

19980722 ----> This is the Master key which will unlock any Motorola mobiles

*#06# ----> To know the serial number of mobile(For all mobiles)

*#403# ----> To know about the production of mobile

*#301# ----> To know the uses of function keys

*#303# ----> To change the menu language to English

*#300# ----> To know about the Mobile phone's Software and Hardware details

*#311 ----> To restore Factory settings

*#402# ----> To make changes in Display like changing Depth and Reducing display colors

*#304# ----> To remove Engineering mode in Keys

*#304*1998072 ----> To switch on the engineering mode in keys

*#0000# ----> To set back the original language when it was produced

32*279*1*0*8 ----> To check the mobile model

#PROGRAM# ----> To change the mobile banner

##33284 ----> To know the defects in the mobile

#02#* ----> To know which software has been installed

*#4225364633# ----> To run the Com board

*#987*99# ----> To get into Motorola factory settings

#32# ----> To reset the mobile timer


madam c said...

Hi I have a motorola A1600 and the settings seem to have been altered, so I am trying to reset the factory settings and the list of codes here work on my old motorola phones but I'm assuming that because its a touch screen the codes have to be inputted throught the dialer pad and they dont seem to work... and advice as to how to input them?

umesh said...

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Unknown said...

hyee sir i have motorola 2nd generation
i need reset code without lost my any data

Rahul Mali said...

Dont work code..
West of time

Jayanta Ghosh said...


Jayanta Ghosh said...


Banu said...

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Aasik Meeran said...

restart key is not working ..pls give me other solution

Ryan Hacker said...

Unknown said...

Hi, Plz tell me anyone reset code

Togofogo Mobiles said...

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