Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Hi guys.Happy to meet you with another article.Hope you like this article.Nokia models are known for its reliability.Here is another noikia model which has both the style and reliability.Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte.the phone is not yet available in the market and is expected to be released soon.It ia balck colored model and uses GSM network which is slightly a heavier model weighing 150 gms.It uses 240*320 ,2 inches display with stract resistant screen.It uses polyphonic ringtones and has a memory which can accomadate 100 phone call entries and 4 Gb of user memory, but it has no card slot which is a draw back in this mobile.It has a 3 mp camera but the images is of not a good quality.It uses Li Ion battey with a life time of 300hrs in standby and 3 hrs in talk time mode.Some disadvantages are small display,poor sunlight legiblity,no memory expansion,no video calls,and only has tri band memory.Hope you like his one.It is comaparable with Nokia 8800 Arte and the 8800 Sapphire Arte.Buy one and enjoy.Post your comments on it here.Have a nice time.